Infosys in Mexico

by Dave

via Business Americas

Since Infosys Technologies’ incorporation as a company in Mexico last July, the firm has been on a tight training and hiring schedule as it prepares to bring its Monterrey-based global services delivery center to fruition.

Nearly a year later, the firm’s BPO and IT services center employs a staff of some 100 and expects that to reach 1,000 in three years.

BNamericas: How has the hiring gone in Monterrey? Are the employees from the Monterrey area or do they come from all over Mexico?

Joshi: They come from all over Mexico. I would say that the Tec Monterrey university gets a lot of people from outside of the city, where roughly half are from states such as Yucat√°n, Chihuahua and Sonora. The other half are from Monterrey. We are recruiting nationally, we did campus fairs in Guadalajara and Mexico City last year, and we’ll be holding events in Veracruz.

BNamericas: How does Infosys tackle the lack of experience among new employees?

Joshi: There are two ways to train employees: the normal way and by sending faculty to India. In September 2007 we started to run training programs continuously. We have tutors come in and we’ve also started something called Campus Connect, where we send faculty members from universities in Monterrey to India where they go through a series of training programs. All the employees have undergone training here in Monterrey and we have sent 22 faculty members to India.

BNamericas: What is the main purpose of sending computer science professors to India?

Joshi: In India, we try to give them an employees’ perspective, what types of skills sets people are looking for and what kind of development in technology we want our employees to know. We get students from a number of universities and they come to us from different levels. We want to assure uniformity; we also try to give the universities a sense of what skill sets we’re looking for in the market place.