How India ‘Colonized’ Britain

by Dave

Now the best polo players are Argentine.

via TIME
Tea, for example, that most English of drinks, was first cultivated in India by British growers, who quickly undercut their Chinese competitors on price. Like cricket (which the English introduced to India) and polo (though its origins are Persian, the modern game began in northeast India and was later encoded and spread by the British), drinking tea is a joyous ritual that binds Delhi and Doncaster. (Polo is a rich man’s sport, of course, but class and caste have long mattered in both countries.)

Then there is language. English may be Britain’s greatest gift to India (which, today, is home to the world’s largest English-speaking population), but Hindi has spiced the language with a masala of words long-since codified in its dictionaries: chit, guru, jungle, pajamas, pundit, sentry, shampoo, and thug, to name just a few.