Italian food in India

by Dave

I met a company Mondo Frizzatta in Rosario, Argenina earlier this week. The founders had earlier started an IT comany, Neoris and sold it to CEMEX. Adolfo, one of the founders, is also an Endeavor entrepreneur.

I was telling them about the craze for Italian food – in young, urban India. Little Italy in Bangalore was always crowded with diners.

Frizzatta has a line of frozen pizzas, calzones and empanadas (Argentine samosa!) – products are sold in supermarkets and movie theaters. (Ready-to-eat in 2 minutes). Very tasty – I sampled their entire product lin.

Frizzatta are interested in tailoring those products for Indian markets. With an Italian name, no need of brand name changes. Interesting proposition for partnerships/JVs with Indian food-service companies.

India eNews – Papa John’s to open 100 pizza outlets in India
‘The Indian market is growing and the number of total pizza outlets in last 8-9 years has grown by 15-20 percent [annually]. I expect it to grow even faster at 25-40 percent this year.’