Countries with highest entrepreneurial activity

by Dave

Good representation for the LatAm region. Surprising that India is not on the list – India is abuzz with entrepreneurial activity,  you can see it on the streets. There is also a difference between entrepreneurship by choice vs. entrepreneurship by compulsion (i.e. lack of employment alternatives)

Long-term, entrepreneurship in every form is to be encouraged. Governments and large companies are not equipped to have ‘jobs’ for the large numbers of youth entering the labor force each year.  The education systems in India and LatAm need to be revised to reflect this reality. Each child needs to learn the importance of lifelong learning to build skills that will create value.

via ANBA

In the TEA category of initial entrepreneurs, the ten most entrepreneurial countries are: Thailand 26.87%, Peru 25.89%, Colombia 22.72%, Venezuela 20.16%, the Dominican Republic 16.75%, China 16.43%, Argentina 14.43%, Chile 13.43%, Brazil 12.72% and Uruguay 12.21%.