BCG Report on Local Market Dynamos

by Dave

Giving MNCs a run for their money in their home markets by being more in tune with customer needs and serving the historically neglected market of the ‘bottom of the pyramid’.

“China and India are the hot global growth markets for companies today. But Western companies are at serious risk of missing out on the growth boom in such markets,” said report coauthor and New Delhi-based BCG partner Arindam Bhattacharya. “In fact, these markets are being conquered by dynamic local companies, which are mastering local challenges, creating huge competitive advantage and shareholder value.”

With over $60 billion in total revenues(2) and average year-on-year growth rates of over 50 percent, the local dynamos are already key players in their domestic markets: 37 out of the 50 have become clear market leaders in their segments, often at the expense of bigger, international rivals.

via MarketWire

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